First Nations Fisheries

A United Voice for First Nations Fisheries


Addressing fisheries and aquatic resource issues is a complex task that involves political, technical and economic factors, as well as multiple parties (First Nations, government, industry, non-governmental organizations, etc.) and geographic scales (community, regional, provincial, national, international). Given these factors, the FNFC must communicate effectively with BC First Nations through clear mechanisms that support the engagement of all communities on matters related to the protection, conservation and management of fisheries and aquatic resources and the protection of First Nations fishing rights.

The FNFC has worked to develop two-way communication mechanisms between our organization and First Nations in BC to ensure that our work a) reflects the fisheries aspirations and priorities of First Nations, and b) supports the work of First Nations on fisheries matters. Clear and effective communication enhances the FNFC’s ability to understand the interests and concerns of First Nation communities and to develop and express positions with wide First Nations support. As per the 2010 All Chiefs’ Task Force recommendation for BC First Nations to develop coherent and cohesive positions, the FNFC strives to develop a strong, united voice on fisheries that supports Aboriginal Title and Rights and Treaty Rights and the diverse values and interests of First Nations across the province.