First Nations Fisheries

A United Voice for First Nations Fisheries

FNFC Charter Process:

The Charter is a good faith document that encompasses the principles and objectives identified in the BC First Nations Fisheries Action Plan and FNFC Strategic Plan. It is designed to promote enduring relationships and constructive dialogue between the FNFC and regional First Nations organizations, and serve as the foundation for positive working relationships on the coordination of capacity and resources on matters of mutual interest.

Nine Charters have been signed to date, with six others in development or review/approval stages. The FNFC still supports and engages with First Nations from regional fisheries organizations that have not yet signed Charters.

FNFC Teleconferences – monthly updates and other calls:

The FNFC hosts Tier 1 calls on a monthly basis to provide policy and operational updates on various fisheries topics, and receive input and feedback from BC First Nations. Occasional topic-specific Tier 1 calls are also held on an as-needed basis. Information regarding these calls is shared via the Tier 1 email distribution list.

Science Series:

The FNFC Science Series addresses present practices and available tools for fisheries management. Panels of scientists and experts from academic institutions, government, NGOs, etc. are convened to discuss the state of the science, and provide practical information, analysis and advice to First Nations on crosscutting science and management topics to support informed planning and decision making.

Tier 1 Email Distribution List:

The FNFC maintains an extensive Tier 1 email list of First Nations leaders, community members, and fisheries and natural resources staff. The list is by subscription, and any BC First Nations and staff are welcome to subscribe. We use this list to share meeting notices, job postings, news, resources, correspondence, newsletters, press releases, and other information on fisheries topics.

Other interested parties are welcome to subscribe to the FNFC’s open email list, which we use to share our bi-monthly communique and other information that is not internal to First Nations.

To subscribe, please send an email request with your name, phone number, email address, and name of your community or organization to

Tier 1 Workshops, Meetings, Community Dialogue Sessions, etc.:

The FNFC hosts various First Nations workshops, meetings, community dialogues and other sessions throughout the year to share information, solicit input and feedback, and engage in strategic discussion on policy and operational issues related to fisheries topics of broad interest or concern. More information regarding sessions open to BC First Nations is shared through the Tier 1 email list.