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FNFC Executive Council Nominations

The Council Executive of the First Nations Fisheries Council of British Columbia (FNFC) is comprised of delegates selected by BC First Nations in each of the 14 FNFC geographic regions. The FNFC defers to local/regional nomination and appointment processes (e.g. hereditary, traditional, elected, delegated processes, etc.) that regions choose for appointing delegates to sit on the Executive Council. The FNFC may provide support and assistance as requested/required.

To promote an open, transparent, and inclusive coordination of nominations, the FNFC has developed Executive Council Nomination Guidelines and an accompanying nomination form, which provide guidance to BC First Nations and/or regional fisheries organizations on the nomination of qualified candidates to the Council.  The nomination guidelines document includes an overview of the role of the Council Delegates, and guidelines on the eligibility and qualifications of prospective Council Delegates.

The most recent call for nominations occurred in the fall of 2016 to select Council Delegates for the 2017-2019 term. The term for the current Council began in January 2017. Current Council members list is available here.