First Nations Fisheries

A United Voice for First Nations Fisheries



While BC First Nations have diverse interests, perspectives and priorities regarding aquaculture, we share a common interest in effective engagement in decision making with respect to the regulation, policy, planning, and management of marine finfish, shellfish and freshwater aquaculture. First Nations also share an objective to promote the protection, restoration and sustainability of fisheries, aquatic resources, and ecosystems. First Nations have a right to be fully informed of and involved in decisions that have the potential to adversely impact First Nations Aboriginal Title and Rights and Treaty Rights.

Since the Morton Decision in 2009, which transferred aquaculture management responsibility from the province to the federal government, the FNFC has discussed approaches for First Nations engagement on aquaculture issues with DFO. BC First Nations leadership passed two resolutions in September 2009 in recognition of this new approach to aquaculture management – the BC First Nations Statement of Solidarity on Aquaculture, and the BC First Nations Statement of Jurisdiction on Aquaculture.