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The Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC) was established in 1985 by Canada and the United States to implement the Pacific Salmon Treaty (PST). To assist in implementing the PST, the Commission is supported by four bilateral advisory panels and a number of technical committees. Collectively, the panels and technical committees provide recommendations on salmon management and fisheries under the PST to the Commission to support its overall guidance for implementing the PST.

Canadian membership on the panels consists of multiple interests including: DFO, First Nations, the recreational and commercial harvest sectors, and environmental/community interests. Canadian participants are appointed at two levels: 1) Commissioner seats are filled through appointment by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and 2) appointments to the Panels and Technical Committees are made by the Regional Director General of DFO Pacific Region. Participation in the PSC process is sought by DFO to broadly represent the interests of Canada.

First Nations participation in the PSC process occurs at the Commissioner, Panel, and Technical Committee levels. DFO seeks advice from First Nations and First Nations organizations on potential nominations, but ultimately the appointments are finalized at the discretion of DFO. First Nations participants who are appointed by Canada also become members of the First Nations Caucus of the PSC, which receives coordination, communications and operational support from the FNFC.

Objectives of the PSC First Nations Caucus:

  1. Provide increased Aboriginal capacity for salmon management;
  2. Support the relationship between First Nations, DFO and the PSC;
  3. Support the relationship between Canada and the US regarding salmon management as prescribed in the PST; and
  4. Facilitate communication and support among First Nations Caucus members to achieve these objectives.

Members of the PSC First Nations Caucus:

  • PSC Commissioners – Murray Ned, Brian Assu
  • Advisor to the First Nations PSC Commissioners – Russ Jones
  • Southern Panel – Dr. Don Hall, Mike Baird, Gord Sterritt (Chair of FN Caucus)
  • Fraser River Panel – Ken Malloway, Marcel Shepert, Tony Roberts Jr.
  • Northern Panel – Siegi Kriegl, Stu Barnes, Harry Nyce Sr.
  • Transboundary River Panel – Linaya Workman, Cheri Frocklage, Keith Carlick (alternate Richard Erhardt), Kerry Carlick (observer)
  • Chinook Technical Committee – Dr. Teresa Ryan, Elinor McGrath, Sabrina Crowley
  • Chum Technical Committee – Kim Charlie
  • Coho Technical Committee – Pete Nicklin, Roger Dunlop
  • Transboundary River Technical Committee – Richard Erhardt
  • Northern Boundary Technical Committee – Allen Gottesfeld
  • Fraser River Technical Committee – Mike Staley, Kelsey Campbell