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Salmon Coordinating Committee

The First Nations Salmon Coordinating Committee (SCC) is a province-wide advisory process consisting of approximately 13 delegates from the various FNFC geographic regions. The committee was formed in 2011 in response to ongoing frustrations expressed by BC First Nations with DFO’s Tier 3 Salmon Integrated Harvest Planning Committee (IHPC) and Integrated Fisheries Management Planning (IFMP) process. First Nations and DFO committed to working on Tier 1 and Tier 2 processes for First Nations engagement in the development of salmon IFMPs.

After submitting 5 years of consolidated comments from BC First Nations on the draft salmon IFMPs, the SCC expressed concerns about the efficacy of participating in DFO’s IFMP development process. As a result, the SCC re-examined its purpose and adopted an approach that is focused on providing strategic advice to First Nations and DFO on province-wide pacific salmon initiatives.

In the past year the SCC approved new Tier 2 Terms of Reference that reflect this updated approach. This document was drafted by a Tier 2 sub-committee consisting of SCC and DFO delegates. Specific tasks and priorities for the SCC are reviewed from year to year.

The SCC is not a decision making body for any First Nation or group of First Nations. Engagement with the SCC does not satisfy the Crown’s responsibility to engage in bilateral consultation with First Nations.