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Management of Aquaculture

As a result of the Morton Decision in 2009, which transferred management responsibility from the provincial to the federal government, DFO has developed an aquaculture management framework called the Aquaculture Management Advisory Committee (AMAC) process to develop the Integrated Management of Aquaculture Plans (IMAPs). Since the Morton decision, the FNFC has worked with DFO to develop approaches for the engagement of First Nations in aquaculture management. At that time, First Nations leadership passed two resolutions – the BC First Nations Statement of Solidarity on Aquaculture, and the BC First Nations Statement of Jurisdiction on Aquaculture.

Over the past few years, the FNFC has engaged First Nations in discussions regarding their role in the management of aquaculture in BC. First Nations have been clear about the limitations of DFO’s AMAC process, and have provided direction to the FNFC to step back from the DFO-driven processes to revisit and more clearly define an aquaculture process among BC First Nations at the Tier 1 level. Through teleconferences and in-person aquaculture forums throughout the 2013-14 fiscal year, BC First Nations have developed the Tier 1 Aquaculture