First Nations Fisheries

A United Voice for First Nations Fisheries

A United Voice for
First Nations Fisheries



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The First Nations Fisheries Council works with and on behalf of BC First Nations to protect, reconcile, and advance First Nations title and rights as they relate to fisheries and the health and protection of aquatic resources, including access for food, cultural, and economic purposes. In recognition of the need to advance common positions on fisheries matters through a united front and a united voice, the First Nations Fisheries Council works to develop the necessary capacity and relationships that enable BC First Nations to influence the integrated planning and management of fisheries and aquatic resources. By establishing a coherent process and cohesive messaging for cooperation and collaboration among First Nations and between First Nations and government, BC First Nations can become active fisheries managers and decision-makers to ensure fisheries resources are conserved for the benefit of future generations.

Our key areas of work

Fisheries Management

The FNFC supports the active engagement of First Nations in management processes and decision making, and to promote the health of aquatic resources and ecosystems for future generations.



BC First Nations have diverse interests, perspectives and priorities regarding aquaculture, and share a common interest and right to engage in decision making with respect to the regulation and management of aquaculture.

Water For Fish

The Water For Fish Program is an initiative to support First Nations engagement in water governance processes and facilitate First Nations participation in promoting effective management practices for freshwater in BC.

Economic Performance

The FNFC works to advance First Nations economic development in fisheries by coordinating business development funding and support for the 24 Commercial Fishing Enterprises across the province.


Documents and Reports

Our work is driven by a number of foundational documents and reports that articulate the objectives and direction of BC First Nations in the Pacific fishery

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