Strategic plan

Collaborating for Improved Management and Sustainable Fisheries

Stronger together

It is essential to be responsive to emerging issues and the ever-evolving management, policy, legislative, and environmental landscape.  Our 3-year strategic planning process aims to build and maintain First Nations structures, processes, and capacity in the context of shifting policy and management approaches. Each iteration of our strategic plan moves us forward on implementing the vision and aspirations of First Nations to achieve transformative change on fisheries and aquatic resources, as described in theBC First Nations Fisheries Action Plan [link to action plan page] that governs our long-term objectives.

Our strategic priorities are as follows:

  1. Protect and restore pacific salmon
  2. Safeguard habitat and respond to threats
  3. Build solid economic opportunity

Our focus is developing effective governance mechanisms, forming collaborative relationships, and working with First Nations to help them speak with a strong and unified voice on fisheries. Working together enables First Nations to harness the collective capacity needed for meaningful engagement and participation in the governance, planning and management of Pacific fisheries and aquatic resources.

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