Aquaculture coordinating committee

We build processes, capacity, and relationships to help First Nations in BC influence the integrated planning and management of Pacific fisheries and aquatic resources at the province-wide level.


First Nations across BC have diverse interests, concerns, and technical expertise regarding aquaculture. The Aquaculture Coordinating Committee (ACC) is a province-wide advisory process comprised of delegates from the 14 FNFC geographic regions. It was formed in 2014 to support First Nations collaboration on aquaculture matters of broad concern, and advance the interests of First Nations in all aspects of aquaculture in BC and Canada.

The ACC works to:

  • support information sharing among First Nations and between First Nations and DFO
  • develop strategies for First Nations engagement on aquaculture
  • develop strategic approaches to support First Nations in advancing shared aquaculture interests

As aquaculture continues to play a larger role in the economy, food security, and rebuilding strategies for declining stocks, FNFC looks to the ACC to guide its aquaculture-related activities on regional and national initiatives.



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Janson Wong, Senior Manager,