Federal aquaculture act development

We build processes, capacity, and relationships to help First Nations in BC influence the integrated planning and management of Pacific fisheries and aquatic resources at the province-wide level.


Since the 2020 announcement of a proposed new federal Aquaculture Act, FNFC has worked with DFO to inform an engagement process with First Nations in BC to develop the new legislation. FNFC works with the Aquaculture Coordinating Committee (ACC) and the AFN’s National Aquaculture Working Group (NAWG) to gather First Nations feedback on developing an engagement plan, and to identify key elements of what should be included in the Act.

The Act will include regulations to improve transparency, regulation, enforcement, and management of aquaculture across Canada. Minister Jordan’s mandate is to develop the federal Aquaculture Act by 2025.

Between 2016 and 2018, First Nations regional organizations from across BC formed a coalition to develop joint submissions on Canada’s modernization of the Fisheries Act. Based on the success of that process, FNFC plans to undertake a similar approach for development of the Aquaculture Act.



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Janson Wong, Senior Manager,