Indigenous technical advisory network

We build processes, capacity, and relationships to help First Nations in BC influence the integrated planning and management of Pacific fisheries and aquatic resources at the province-wide level.

Tagging juvenile sockeye, Okanagan Nation Alliance - by Camille Rivard-Sirois


As fisheries and aquatic resources continue to decline, the demands on First Nations to participate in fisheries meetings and processes continue to grow. Their capacity, time, and resources are stretched too thin to effectively respond to the many impacts and issues around Pacific fisheries today.

The Indigenous Technical Advisory Network (ITAN) was launched in 2020 to help address this issue by providing a platform for First Nations to share and connect with scientific and technical expertise, information, resources, and processes on many different topics. ITAN builds collective First Nations science and technical capacity by facilitating strategic communications, convening technical experts from First Nations communities and organizations, supporting collaborative development of technical recommendations and advice, and promoting the inclusion of First Nations science and Indigenous Knowledge in management and technical processes.



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ITAN Project Description

First Nations organizations are often asked to engage in or respond to a high volume of fisheries meetings and related processes; therefore capacity, time, and resourcing are some factors that can limit effective and meaningful participation.

Indigenous Knowledge Forum Report. [2019]

Hundreds of generations of First Nations people living in what is now British Columbia have regarded aquatic animals and ecosystems as integral to their identities, cultures, languages, communities, economies and knowledge systems.


Janson Wong, Senior Manager,