Welcome to the First Nations Fisheries Council of BC 


"Our ancestors have passed on to us the responsibility to protect our land, water and resources as they have before us, and to pass on our traditional values and practices to future generations. First Nations in BC will work together – based on respect for each other and the natural world – to address issues in the fishery for our common good and to enhance the well being of our communities. We will strive to maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems and species and restore them as necessary. We will work in partnership and share management responsibility based on our ownership of our territories and our right to manage the fishery. We will work with other governments and third parties to ensure recognition and respect of our title and rights and conservation and appropriate management of the resource."

- BC First Nations Fisheries Action Plan (2007)


The First Nations Fisheries Council of British Columbia welcomes you! The Council was formed in 2007 by British Columbia First Nations as an outcome of the First Nations Fisheries Action Plan. The Council has seats for 14 Council Members, which reflect the regional diversity of the province as well as the diversity of First Nations expertise and perspectives.

The roles and responsibilities of the FNFC have grown dramatically over the past few years, and the current focus and direction of the organization is outlined in our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. The next few years will be a period of transition for First Nations in Pacific fisheries as we advance our interests and respond to changing policy.

The chief focus of the FNFC is to develop governance mechanisms, form collaborative relationships among First Nations organizations, and work together to build a cohesive voice on fisheries matters. Working together will allow First Nations to harness the capacity needed for meaningful engagement and participation in integrated fisheries planning and management, and to inform political processes to generate substantive change on matters related to Pacific fisheries.

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